What is an ADHD Diet?

Ideally, an ADHD diet would help the brain work better and lessen symptoms of the disorder, such as restlessness or lack of focus. A diet may include the foods you eat and any nutritional supplements you may take. You may hear ADHD diets described in the following ways:

Overall nutrition for ADHD: This includes the food you eat daily. How can your overall nutrition help or hurt ADHD? The assumption is that some foods you eat may make ADHD symptoms better or worse. You may also be lacking some foods that could help make symptoms better.

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The Lunch Box / Die Kosblik

Please visit /www.thelunchbox.co.za/ or the Afrikaans site /www.diekosblik.co.za/

The Lunch Box

The Lunch Box is a complete turnkey solution to schools – primary and high school – to run and manage the tuck shop/canteen on an outsourced basis.

The Lunch Box offering include a cashless, real-time online facility with major benefits to the school and parents alike. These include the reduction of cash on site as an individual based account system is incorporated for every learner that can be managed online by the parent/guardian.  Visiting schools and sporting events are also managed in our system.

The Lunch Box pride itself in the standards it had set to offer healthy food options for individual learners to ensure a full comprehensive offering within our menu to be individually tailored to address every need of every parent/guardian.

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